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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  March 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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loud. hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. time now almost 5:00. don't need me to tell you 11 days of straight rain and a lot more to come. we're on the stormwatch, right, lawrence? >> yup. we sure are. got a lot of that rain showing up around the bay area. we have our reporters out there, anne and elizabeth in the wind and rain. that rain is really coming down this morning, folks. heavy rainfall, you can see stretching across a good part of the bay area. let's take new for a closer look now and see how things are working out as you make your way in across the bay. boy, look at these cells that are moving in through here. heavier amounts of rainfall and some strong gusty winds. we have seen gusts over 30 miles an hour. we have one gust over 50 in sunol and we are not done with the storm just yet. so flash flood watches continue town along the coastal sections of the bay area and over the mountains as we are seeing some heavier amounts of rain coming through right now and, of course, the ground is entirely saturated so that water just runs right off into these creeks. we can expect to see some rapid rises on the creeks. if you live in those areas, watch those very, very close
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think this morning. i think as we head in toward the afternoon, it will start to turn into more showers and then the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. here's your main cold front moving through right now. but on the back side you have this very unstable air that's going to start to rotate in so we are going to keep the showers going with the possibility of some of those isolated thunderstorms. temperatures are going to be in the 50s all around the bay area today. so it looks like things are going to stay cool. we are going to see wet weather continuing very dangerous on the roads this morning. and then we have an even stronger storm coming in it looks like as early as tomorrow morning. we'll have more on that coming up. right now we go to anne out in the midst of the wet weather. >> reporter: that's right. you can see some -- a lot of wetness here behind me. this is the park and ride lot off 101 northbound interchange with highway 1. that's closed. you cannot go from highway 101 northbound to highway 1 here in marin county. and this is part of the reason. localized flooding. this park and ride lot has several inches of water pooled
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up on it. this isn't necessarily an uncommon thing. this happens often with high tide. you can see they have an electronic sign over here which shows that they are ready for this. this is something that they have to light up quite often here once the rains are in a big combo with the high tide. that is when this parking lot is flooded. so it messed things up for people's morning commute because they need to go to a nearby restaurant to catch the bus, golden gate transit. we'll hear from the supervisor with that organization coming up in the next half hour. but we are seeing localized flooding after what lawrence told us, the ground is so saturated that all of the water is just running right off of it, ending up in places like this parking lot. not very windy here, though, i must say so the conditions aren't that unpleasant. elizabeth wenger now live on the bay bridge, where there is i believe a wind advisory, elizabeth. >> reporter: there is. yeah, wind is really the big story here, anne. rain obviously coming down but
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we have wind advisories that also impact your morning commute. we have wind advisories on most of the bridges including here at the bay bridge. also other east/west-running bridges like the san mateo bridge and the richmond/san rafael bridge. and i can tell you that we're driving a live truck, a high- profile vehicle. as we were coming towards the toll plaza this morning, we were driving on the lower deck, my photographer had a hard time controlling the steering. so obviously some dangerous driving conditions. let's go to some video that we took a little while ago of cars as they were heading towards the pay gates here at the bay bridge toll plaza. check out some of these splashes. huge splashes as people are driving in those middle lanes. that is where the water tends to collect when it does rain. those middle rains get standing water. so we saw a few drivers slow down but a lot of drivers pushed through. that's a dangerous compensation when you have puddling and reduced visibility so definitely this is a morning to take it slow, give yourself some extra time. also, brake early and not as
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hard. another tip, don't use your cruise control this morning. if you do start to hydroplane, you can actually accelerate instead. so obviously, very tricky driving this morning. don't enjoy that extra cup of coffee. head out now if you have someplace to go. i know gianna has been inside this morning monitoring the morning commute. let's go to her now to see if there are any hot spots developing. >> hey, liz. stay dry this morning. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. i'm going to show you another perspective now. lots of rain you saw in liz's live shot and as you can see on our shot here. we did just get word from chp there is flooding on the lower deck coming into oakland off the decline in the left lane. they are saying that area is completely flooded right now so again, lots of good advice for that liz just gave you both hands on the steering wheel use caution this morning. also northbound 101 ramp to stinson beach that closure that anne was talking about, that's going to be there at least until noon today. they have issued an official traffic alert, a sig alert, so it's closed until further
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notice. we are hoping to re-open that area by noon. the main lines of the roadway on 101 actually doing okay. that's the good news. again, those wind advisories in effect for some of our bridges, bay bridge, richmond/san rafael bridge, and we are going to jump over and show you a live shot of the san mateo bridge right now. looks like conditions are doing okay as far as traffic goes. but you can see our camera kind of dancing around there so it is pretty windy out there. definitely give yourself some extra time if you hit the roads this morning. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. the forecast of more rain in the coming days is not good for people stranded by a slide in the santa cruz mountains. the road to about 30 homes blocked by a slide. a neighbor had his camera rolling just in time when all that rock, mud and trees came down yesterday. unbelievable. especially that tree coming down. and before they can start to clean up that mess there, geologist has to check it out. that's expected to happen today. the inspection will determine whether to try to clear the
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slide now or wait for it to stabilize a bit. people living there are helping each other get through the inconvenience. >> most of the neighbors, we all get together. we have had fires and other disasters over the years and so everybody helps everybody out. we're farming the kids out to friends and stuff. and, you know, we take care of everybody else. >> neighbors have cut a path around the slide that cost 200 feet of the road. nobody was hurt in the slide, and only minor damage is reported. they do have running water and electricity, as well. you can find the latest storm- related news on our website, and you can also find interactive hi-def doppler for your neighborhood just click on the weather tab. 5:06. a federal investigator returning to the stand this morning to start the third day of the barry bonds trial. jeff novitzky told the court yesterday he went through the trash at balco during an investigation into sports drug sales. and that is where he says he
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found evidence linking barry bonds to balco. bonds' former business partner steve hoskins is expected to be the next witness. one man who will not be testifying is bonds' personal trainer and friend greg anderson. anderson was hauled off to jail once again yesterday for refusing to testify. the judge found him in contempt of court. anderson's attorney says he has already served time in prison for this case so he shouldn't have to serve again. >> time now 5:07. right now libya, moammar qaddafi's forces have intensified attacks on rebels outside a strategic city in the eastern part of the country. plumas of smoke are rising over ajdabia and to the west people in the coastal city of misrata say they are being terrorized by snipers and tank. misrata is the last major western city still in the hands of rebels who are trying to oust qaddafi. last night a defiant qaddafi spoke to cheering supporters in
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tripoli ending rumors he may have taken refuge outside the capital city. in japan a spike in radiation levels and a setback to prevent a meltdown. there was an evacuation after workers got close to ending the crisis after restoring electricity at the plant. they have to check more equipment before turning on the cooling system. authorities are telling them not to let babies drink tap water because of radiation in it. they are vulnerable to radioactive iodine which causes thyroid cancer. levels in the water are not high enough to harm adults. and the government reports the economic costs of the earthquake and tsunami could reach $309 billion. this could have killed 80,000
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people. the bomb threat, the threatening call made to a passenger plane coming up. >> new fallout from an east bay drug scandal involving a state narcotics agent. why concerns about his credibility could let a criminal off the hook. electronic dance music is the number one form of dance -- of expression for young people toda and this generation. >> how music fans are stepping up their push to keep raves going in the bay area. until now. with scotts ez seed. it's scotts best grass seed, starter fertilizer and a growing material that absorbs water and expands to surround and protect the seeds, you'll get a thick, green scotts lawn even if you've never been successful with other seed before. the revolutionary scotts ez seed. grow grass anywhere.
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fatally shot in east oakland, and this morning police are plenty of rain in the bay area. more on that coming up. two men and a dog have been shot in east oakland and this
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morning police are searching for the gunman. officers found the victims lying in the driveway on harmon avenue last night. the men died at the hospital. a second dog was also shot. it survived. two men were seen running from the scene. contra costa county officials dropped charges against a man accused of stealing drugs. norman wielsch was supposed to be the main witness in the case against a suspected madam. wielsch was charged with felony counts last month. the d.a.'s office says it's reviewing up to 40 cases that are tied to that officer. save the rave. that is the rally cry from bay area fans of the pulse pounding all-night dance parties. they turned out in force for a demonstration at city hall in san francisco last night. they are reacting to the efforts of fiona ma to ban
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raves which are havens for drug activities. >> electronic dance music is the number one form of express for young people today and this generation. >> we didn't get there until later that evening and unfortunately, by the time i had got then he had already passed away. >> dan motta's son anthony died at a cow palace rave last may. months later a 25-year-old died at a rave at the same place. rave supporters fear if their events are banned that will drive raves underground unregulated and unsafe. it could be days before tourists can enjoy yosemite national park once again. the challenges keeping crews from getting the power back on in the park. >> plus, a bomb scare at sfo. the threat that forced passengers to evacuate. and you're looking at highway 17. it's still dark out there but we have some cars on the roads dealing with slick surfaces this morning and lots of rain. more traffic coming up in just minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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leading into the park remain cl lides, fallen it could be several days before you go back to yosemite national park. all the roads are closed due to mud slides, fallen trees, downed power lines and since the roads are closed pg&e says it will have to use a
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helicopter to get a new power pole in place. they are using generators for the few people left in the park. >> we have a series of storms moving in. one is bringing heavy rainfall in the area. all the rain turns to snow in the high country with gusty winds to go along with that. the main cold front now making its way through. if you are going out, be careful this morning. storms continuing around the bay area and it's bringing with it heavier amounts of rainfall in through berkeley, look at that. you have some yellows, dark oranges moving on through as well and that's some heavier amounts of rainfall sliding through. this will continue on and off in the morning hours then become more scattered about the middle of the morning and as we head toward the afternoon, more widely scattered but that's when we have a chance of some thunderstorms. so with all that rain coming down in such a short amount of time, we have some flash flood
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watches especially at the coast. we won't see main rivers flood but we have to watch the creeks and streams as the ground is saturated so all that water runs off the ground into the creeks and the streams and you can see some rapid rise there is in a hurry. in the meantime, though, we are expecting that, well, you can see some clouds out there for today and some rain will continue. it will be windy, some showers into the afternoon, temperatures in the 50s. and then looks like this storm system is going to start to wind down a little bit but we have another one hot on its heels moving in as early as tomorrow morning. and this one likely to be stronger. gusty winds and some heavy rainfall showing up around the bay area. rainfall more scattered through the middle of the afternoon. looks like the stormy weather continuing into tomorro, that one could be something to worry about. next couple of days, stormy weather, more flash flooding through thursday, friday turning to showers. then another storm moves in
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come saturday, although not as strong. and then drying out, finally catching a break sunday. let's check traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. looking forward to sunday. let's go straight to the bay bridge toll plaza. we are keeping an eye on the area. we have had a few things come in from the chp log. we have had stall vehicles and couple of areas of flooding. first of all, we have a stall reported as you worker way westbound just past the toll plaza blocking a lane. eastbound off the decline reports of flooding in the left lane so lots of wet weather, use caution, wind advisory in effect also for the bay bridge. also getting reports of an accident, eastbound bay bridge, eastbound 80 just past the skyway. couple of cars involved. looks like we are seeing slow and go conditions approaching the accident. chp arriving on scene. no word of blocked lanes will you track slow eastbound on 80 out of san francisco. northbound 101 the ramp to stinson beach, traffic advisory still continues. this is for flooding. that will be there at least until noon today. so use an alternate if you can.
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i'll see if i can get to you on the next report. 101 is problem-free both directions showing no delays. you're clear all the way towards the golden gate bridge. wind advisory continues for the richmond/san rafael bridge as well as the san mateo bridge so use caution across the span. live look at 880, of course slick surfaces through oakland, no accidents at this portion, south 880 actually looking good, as well. got a new wreck on 280. more on that coming up. but right now back to the dis. >> thank you. let's take a look at the top stories. libyan leader moammar qaddafi speaking to supporters saying he is not afraid of u.s.- european coalition efforts to enforce a no-fly zone over the country. a nato official says the alliance's warships will start patrolling off libya's coast today to enforce the united nations arms embargo on the country. in japan, there is a spike in radiation levels in tap water. authorities are warning people not to let infants drink it. meanwhile, black smoke rising out of one of the reactors out of that crippled nuclear power
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plant and that's prompted another evacuation. the federal investigator who first linked barry bonds with a balco lab and steroids will testify. bonds' personal trainer won't testify. greg anderson was sent back to jail just for refusing to testify. it is 5:21. we have new information this morning about that passenger plane at sfo that police and bomb-sniffing dogs inspected after a called-in threat. authorities finished searching overnight and found nothing suspicious. philippines airlines flight landed safely at sfo last night. there were nearly 350 passengers on board. a santa clara county man is going to prison for more than two years for lying about being a victim of the san bruno pipeline explosion. 41-year-old leon stansbury ran up thousands of dollars in hotel and car and rental bills last september and sent all those bills to pg&e. he has been ordered to pay that money back.
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six other people have also been charged with scamming the system by saying they were victims of the blast. well, it's about to get even harder to get into college. the new warning of massive cuts at cal state schools. >> plus, a prehistoric find in monterey county. we have a rare glimpse of what it was like when mammoths roamed the earth. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. the traffic hot spots are rolling in. you can expect a busy ride this morning. looking live at weather and wet and windy conditions on highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains. more traffic coming up. all right, gianna, thank you very much. 5:25. getting into college may have just gotten harder. the california state university system may cut enrollment by 10,000 students next school year to deal with anticipated state budget cuts. that's nearly 2.5% of the 420,000 students currently enrolled. and in addition, the 23 campuses may be asked to slash $281 million from their budgets. that includes $28 million from the san francisco state budget, $13 million from cal state east bay in hayward. we have a little positive news about education, especially in california. a new report shows some of the worst schools are actually
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getting better. it shows the number of high schools that graduated at 60% or fewer of their students in four years decreased between 2008 and 2009. in california and south carolina, there were 25% fewer low performing high schools. okay. this is an amazing discovery in monterey county. >> i should say. scientists have unearthed the remains of a colombian mammoth. they were massive and stood 15 feet high and grazed on grass. because they were social, archeologists hope this colombian mammoth wasn't the only thing preserved. >> paleontologists and geologists are like detectives. we use clues that we find from the locality, for instance, to recreate the ecosystem, paleoenvironment, climate. >> the mammoth skeleton is the county's first on record.
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pretty cool. it is 5:26. violence escalates on day 5 of air strikes in libya. moammar qaddafi's defiant message to his supporters. >> plus, some new concerns about radiation in japan's tap water. the group most at risk of getting sick, coming up. and a park and ride lot flooded this morning. and this could be just the tip of the iceberg around here. the conditions are ripe for some serious local flooding. we'll talk about it and check it out coming up next. and we have standing water, reduced visibility and some pretty good wind gusts out here. we're live at the bay bridge toll plaza with how it's affecting your morning drive. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, this is your captain speaking,
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good morning. it is wednesday, it's march 23. it's wet out there. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. we have team coverage on the big storm. anne makovec and elizabeth wenger are in the field and lawrence karnow is tracking the latest conditions in the weather
5:31 am
center. cold front stretching from the north bay into the south bay so you have heavy rain just about wherever you go. let's take new for a closer look now see how things are working out. highway 4 more of the rain continues to push on through. and it is really coming down. be careful a lot of puddling out there on the roads to go along with that. we have some flash flood watches up along the coastline and the mountains. doesn't mean that it's flooding but there is a possibility with the rain coming down the ground is saturated in the creeks. we have cold clouds on the back side keeping showers going on and off today as well as thunderstorms. it's going to be another wet day. temperatures in the 50s. half moon bay about 5 degrees. cool around the bay area even
5:32 am
bigger storm tomorrow. half moon bay about 55 degrees. anne makovec is in marin trying to stay dry. >> reporter: i am at the intersection of highway 101 and highway 1, which is closed here in marin county. lawrence, you have been talking about that rainfall coming down quickly. when you combine it with high tide, that's what you get, a lake in the middle of the park and ride lot. you can see the sign there that says subject to flooding. you can say that again. we have several inches. water and you can tell how deep it is by looking at this tree here. you can't see the bottom of the island so it's several inches deep at this point. here on the other side of the lot an electronic sign that's actually there all the time. it's not lit up all the time, of course, but it's lit up often enough when you have this rainfall coming down. ground is saturated and you add in the high tide, this park and ride lot is closed which is going to affect the morning commute for a lot of folks here
5:33 am
in marin county. we spoke with the supervisor of the golden gate transit district and he says it's kind of part of the deal about living up here. >> this is normal usually when high tide happens this parking lot floods and people in the area start to know, you know, to stay away from here. they try to come in the back way and there's a few folks that make it in. it could be this way for a few days. this lot and the interchange between 101 and 1 is only going to be closed at this point until noon. that's all subject to change, though, as more rain comes down. i know elizabeth getting whipped by some wind over there on the bay bridge. good morning, elizabeth. >> reporter: good morning, anne. yeah, it is cold out here this morning. we have wind, we have rain, i was speaking to weather producer billy poone earlier and said wind gusts 20 to 25
5:34 am
miles per hour this morning. i think commuters are getting wind and rain-weary by now. we have wind advisories in effect for several bridges including here at the bay bridge also for the san mateo bridge and for the richmond/san rafael bridge, essentially any east/west bridge you can bet there is going to be a wind advisory this morning. my photographer and i as we were driving to this location this morning, we drive a live truck, a high-profile vehicle, and it was pretty hard to control the steering wheel this morning so wind is an issue as well as standing water. i want you to see behind me, some of these cars are making some huge splashes especially in the middle lanes. we saw slashes six feet earlier. you can see some of them live right there. a few drivers have been slowing down but a lot haven't. a lot have just been pushing their way right through them. so kind of not what you want to do. you want to stay safe this morning. also brake earlier and with less force. allow for more travel time. this is the morning to leave early, give yourself some extra time. also it may seem obvious but don't use your cruise control
5:35 am
this morning especially on mornings like this when reaction time is so important. i have a feeling that mass transit is going to be heavily used this morning. bart, ace, muni and caltrain all good ideas to stay off the roads altogether. with more on your morning commute let's go to gianna franco who has been inside in a nice warm studio monitoring that. >> i won't brag, liz, it is warm in here and, of course, mass transit a good choice especially if you are traveling on the peninsula this morning. we have reports of an accident northbound 280 right at hickey boulevard. it's an overturned vehicle. we have debris in the roadway. they have the vehicle over to the right shoulder but chp and fire crews are blocking the right lane. looks like it is with injuries. so we are seeing some yellow on our sensors here so slow and go on the northbound side of 280 at hickey boulevard. so use bart probably a good choice. you can catch it at san bruno or colma. northbound 101 at cesar chavez an accident also blocking the road and you can see we are seeing some delays there in both directions. also had reports of flooding on 280 right at 101 so use caution through the area. liz touched on this, wind
5:36 am
advisories in effect for some of our bay area bridges, richmond/san rafael bridge is one of them, of course in the marin county area as well we are dealing with this closure on stinson beach that ramp from 101. that will be there until noon. live look at the bay bridge, traffic sluggish approaching the area. give yourself some extra time. flooding in the area also if you're coming off the decline. a quick live look at the san mateo bridge, where traffic is moving but again windy conditions. we'll keep our eye on the roads this morning. right now, back to frank and sydnie. >> thank you. it is 5:36. now, more rain of course means more troubles for people stranded by that slide in the santa cruz mountains. >> yeah. geologists are expected to check the slide near scotts valley today. it's expected to take a couple of weeks to clear it all up. a lot of rock there. 30 homes were isolated when the road was blocked. >> oh, my gosh. >> the neighbors get together. we have had fired and other disasters over the years serve helps everybody out. we're farming the kids out to friends and stuff and, you
5:37 am
know, we take care of everybody else. >> they got electricity and water and neighbors have cut a little path around the slide that covers 200 feet of the road. nobody was hurt in the slide and only mine more damage was reported. no word on when yosemite national park will open again. all three roads leading into the park are closed due mud slides. fallen trees and downed powers lines, also. since the roads are closed, pg&e will use a helicopter to get a new pole in place. it could be up to six days before the power is completely back on. but for now, they are using generators in the park. and you can always find the latest storm-related news on our website, you can also find interactive hi-def doppler for your neighborhood. use it this morning, a lot of rain out there. just click on the weather tab. the santa cruz harbor open once again for the first time since it was damaged by tsunami waves from the japan earthquake. those waves sank or damaged more than 100 boats there 12
5:38 am
days ago. federal experts completed their investigation of the harbor sea floor and determined yesterday that the waters are safe again. however, there are still some minor restrictions on the dock with the heaviest damage. in japan, a new setback in efforts to prevent a nuclear meltdown. black smoke is rising out one of the reactor at the crippled nuclear power plant prompting another evacuation. this problem comes after workers got closer to ending the crisis after restoring electricity to the plant but now they have to check the equipment before turning on the cool system. authorities are telling people in tokyo not to let their babies drink tap water because of the radiation in it. infants are particularly vulnerable to radioactive iodine, which can cause thyroid cancer. the levels found in the water are high enough, thought, to harm adults. -- the levels found in the water are not high enough,
5:39 am
thought, to harm adults. the disaster may have killed at least 18,000 people. 5:38 your time. nato warships will reportedly start patrolling off libya's coast today to enforce the united nations arms embargo on the country. people in misrata say they have been terrorized from shelling attacks from forces loyal to libyan leader moammar qaddafi. last night qaddafi spoke to supporters outside his compound in tripoli, the first time he has been seen in nearly a week saying he is not afraid of u.s.- european coalition efforts to enforce a no-fly zone. day three of the barry bonds trial, federal investigators jeff novitzky is expected to continue on the witnes stand. he said yesterday went through the trash in balco during an investigation into drug sales. that's where he said he found
5:40 am
evidence linking bonds to steroids. a man hundred dollars this morning for the person who shot and killed two men and a dog. police found them on harmon avenue at 8:00 last night. they died at the hospital. two dogs were also shot. one survived. witnesses say they saw two men running from the scene. so far, though, police don't have any suspects or motive. and everything back to normal at sfo this morning after someone phoned in a bomb threat. passengers were flying from manila to san francisco on a philippines airline flight when the threat came in last night. the plane landed safely. police and bomb-sniffing dogs searched it, nothing was found. there were nearly 350 passengers on board. well, the time now 5:40. they call it the woodstock of this generation. why some believe raves will get worse if they are banned. >> plus, how many calories are in movie popcorn? do you really want to know?
5:41 am
the fattening secret theaters don't want you to know about. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morning. we're on stormwatch. we have a cold front moving through bringing with it heavy rainfall around the bay area right now you want to be very, very careful if you' heading out on the roads. you can see that front stretching all the way down from the north down into the san jose area where they have some pockets of moderate to some heavier amounts of rainfall here continuing to rotate on through. looks like the brunt of this cold front is going to come through this morning and then it's going to taper off more to showers about the middle of the morning. after that, thunderstorms. so the rain coming down, flash flood watches up along the
5:44 am
coastline. we are watching for a quick rise on the streams and creeks because the ground is already saturated. new are heading out the door cloudy skies that rain continues some gusty winds. by the afternoon we may catch a couple of sunny breaks but there is a chance of showers. and it's going to be windy around the bay area and there is a possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. here's the storm moving through now. you can see it moving up the coastline right there and bringing with it that heavier amount of rainfall. today that rain continues maybe just a slight break but boy, not much of one. this has us worried. stronger storm system early tomorrow morning. not much of a break so flooding could rise as we see more rain coming in in a hurry. on and off throughout the day today, you will see scattered showers developing outside so
5:45 am
be prepared for that. you may have sunshine and then showers. not much break as we'll see more rainfall tonight and early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. toward the next few days that rain continues, going to be heavy at times through thursday with the possibility of thunderstorms. showers continuing on friday and another storm moves in come saturday. it looks like a weaker storm system. and then finally just finally maybe we catch a break next sunday, monday and tuesday t may just start feeling like spring. all right. let's talk to gianna about that traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. and it is a busy ride this morning. we have lots of hot spots to report. i'm only going to focus on the ones actually blocking the road but there are a few trouble spots on the right shoulder, as well. one of our bigger problems is northbound 280 at hickey boulevard. the right lane is blocked for emergency crews as we work on an overturned vehicle. there is debris in the road as well and we are league is delays in both directions. traveling north 101 at cesar chavez we have an accident in the right lane. we'll have it pushed to the right shoulder. not too far, we have flooding
5:46 am
on south 280 that ramp to 101. the two right lanes are blocked again a lot of flooding through that portion. so take it easy through there. use caution on all the east/west bridges. bay bridge toll plaza, flooding eastbound just on the lower deck as you come off the decline. that's blocking the left lane. and again, some puddling as well through there. so we'll keep our eyes on this area throughout the morning. now, we have flooding northbound 101 that ramp to stinson beach completely shut down right now. not affecting the main lines of 101, but that will be in effect until noon at least. the south bay is checking in accident-free but those wet weather -- or windy conditions and wet weather out there are causing a slowdown already on 280 northbound as you work your way through san jose give yourself some extra time so
5:47 am
take mass transit. bart on time, 44 trains. ace, muni, caltrain no problems. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. busy ride this morning. back to you. >> indeed, a busy ride indeed. okay, thanks, gianna. here's a check of some of the top stories on your wednesday. governor brown may have to wait until november to ask voters to approve a tax extension. he is running out of time to get state lawmakers to approve the proposition for a special election this coming june. and prosecutors in contra costa county have dropped criminal charges in a case because of connections to a state narcotics agent now accused of stealing drugs. norman wielsch was supposed to be the main witness in the case against a suspected madam. wielsch was arrested last month and charged with 25 felony counts. prison time for a man accused of posing as a victim of the san bruno explosion. prosecutors say leon stansbury ran up thousands in hotel and car rental bills while claiming to be displaced by the blast. he was sentenced to two years, eight months in jail and will
5:48 am
have to reimburse pg&e. save the rave, that is the rally cry from fans. they turned out for a demonstration in city hall in san francisco last night. they are reacting to assemblywoman fiona ma's effort to ban the music productions known havens for drug activity. >> electronic dance music is the number one form of expression for young people today and this generation. >> we didn't get there until later that evening and unfortunately by the time i had gotten there he had already passed away. >> dan motta's son died at rave at the cow palace last may. months later a 25-year-old died at a rave at the same place. supporters worry if the events are banned it will drive raves underground making them unregulated and unsafe. a key decision today could be a huge loss for the tobacco industry. an fda panel is expected to
5:49 am
deliver its final report on whether menthol cigarettes should be removed from the market. experts say the minty flavoring leads to more smokers and makes it harder to quit. however, they have stopped short of recommending a ban saying there is no evidence that menthol cigarettes are more harmful. a bowl of cereal for breakfast can reduce the risk of high blood pressure according to a new study. researchers followed more than 13,000 men and they found that those who ate cereal once a day were 25% less likely to have high blood pressure. researchers found whole grain cereal was best. well, we know it's not as healthy as cereal. but how many calories are actually in that tub of popcorn at the movies ? we'll eat it anyways. >> soon major theater chains might have to tell you because a large popcorn has as many as 1500 calories equal to three mcdonald's big macs.
5:50 am
the food and drug administration could issue final rules as early as today requiring cinemas to post nutritional information. many california theaters already do this. cinema operators are fighting it. but when you get it and you go in and sit down you're not going to read it. >> there is a great nutrition newsletter out there called nutrition action newsletter, about $20 a year and it gives you the breakdown of all the pop corns for all the movie theaters, the next month for breads, carbs, things like that. very, very interesting. and it makes you realize, hm... okay. >> some things are better not to know. if you're going to do it, just enjoy it. >> everything in moderation. right? okay. it is 5:50 now. it's downright dogfight. why some are bark mad about the location of a new dog park in the east bay. >> also, a mammoth discovery in monterey county. the rare find that could be nearly two million years old. ,,,,
5:51 am
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vacant lot in oakland. . a back. it is a dogfight over a new dog park planned for a lot in oakland. the lakeview dog part will be at the north end of lake merritt between a freeway and two busy boulevards. it would be near a playground which has some people worried about children at the playground being in danger. one city councilwoman says it is a perfect place. >> it is a hugh use and dense area with lots of people and dogs and a place is needed for those folks to be able to walk their dogs and exercise their dogs. >> there will be a meeting tonight at the park at 7:00 lakeshore avenue baptist church to discuss the park. a prehistoric discovery in
5:54 am
monterey county. scientists have unentered the remains of a-- unearthed the remains of an animal that went extinct thousands of years ago. they were massive creatures that stood 15 feet high and grazed on grass. >> we are like detectives and use clues from the area to recreate ecosystem, paleo- environment, climates. >> the mammoth skeleton is the first on record. you want to take a quack at fame? now's your chance. aflac, aflac! will begin accepting submissions today. they are trying to find a new voice for the duck. the company recently fired a comedian after he made some online jokes about the quake and tsunami in japan and japan
5:55 am
is a big, big marketed for aflac. anyone interested must submit a video or audiophile to aflac's website. [ imitating duck ] >> i wonder if they will change the voice. >> i don't kno. >> everyone recognizes that. >> aflac -- i think every time you watch it, you end up going aflac... >> lawrence, this is great weather for ducks, right? >> oh, boy, ducks are loving this! and all the fish, too. we have a lot of rainfall showing up around the bay area, folks. if you are heading out the door, we have some serious rain as a cold front is now moving through. heavier amounts of rainfall all the way in from vacaville to fairfield, concord, getting an idea where the cold front is down in through fremont. seeing that heavier rainfall stretching all the way down to our folks in the santa cruz mountains. heavy rainfall continuing through the morning hours. look at this band of moisture moving through. that is something else through morgan hill, southern parts of the santa cruz mountains, watsonville, those areas
5:56 am
pummeled by heavy rain right now. flash flood watches are up along the coastline and the mountains as we see rapid rises in the creeks and streams. now, it looks like as we head towards the next few days not going to catch much of a break. showers in the afternoon, another storm probably stronger for tomorrow, more showers on friday, another storm on saturday. time for a traffic check with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. live look at 880 this morning, if you are traveling through the oakland area we have reports of some flooding blocking the broadway off-ramp right now as you come off the freeway. southbound 880 extra volume but northbound actually moving well no delays clear towards the maze. elsewhere chp working on this accident northbound 280 at hickey boulevard. we are getting word though now that the two right lanes are blocked for emergency crews. there are injuries reported from this wreck. no estimated time when the lanes will re-open but traffic starting to see some delays in the area. bart is a good choice to travel to the peninsula into san francisco. if you are working your way on
5:57 am
southbound 280 at 101, the right lanes are blocked due to flooding. reports of flooding at 380 and 101. back to you. >> thank you. in the next half hour, black smoke forcing evacuations at japan's leaking nuclear power plant. the new warning about radiation in tap water and who is most at risk. >> plus, bay area home owners trapped because of the massive rockslide. we'll tell you why they may have to wait longer before it's cleared out. and localized flooding here in the park and ride lot and it could be just the tip of the iceberg from what we're going to see here across the bay area. we'll take a check on it coming up next. and the flooding reports are really coming in now on bay area roads. we also have wind advisories on bay area bridges. we are live here at the bay bridge toll plaza with how this is affecting your morning drive. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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